Kravitz still has a knack for finding good wines at great prices – Robert Parker, Parker on Wine, BusinessWeek, 8/20 & 27, 2007

HPS Top 20

This is a list of 20 of our top wines that should meet your needs for all everyday and most special occasions. The list corresponds closely to our best selling wines, but we've included a few favorites that are not yet well-known.

Half of the wines sell for under $12, half for over. About half are dry red wines , with fewer dry whites and one each of bubbly, dry pink and sweet white. Every effort has been made to offer as wide a variety as possible. Yes, the only sparkling wine we include is an expensive true Champagne, but it's too good to leave out and we have other fine sparklers more reasonably priced.

The list changes as old favorites sell out, new treasures are discovered and better or lesser vintages come and go. There is no fixed schedule for updates.

Many of the wines are staples that do not change dramatically from vintage to vintage. These can be listed with multiple vintage dates as we move seamlessly into the next year's harvest.

Please click on any of the 'HPS Top 20' for specific technical information, tasting notes, wine and food matches and label photos. If you have any further questions about any of the wines, please E-Mail us for a prompt response.

One frustration for many in the wine trade is the widespread perception among consumers that wines under $12 can't be any good. Don't let our low prices discourage or fool you. Many of our wines are fine. A few may be called great. All are good! We guarantee it!

Prices listed are for reference only. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee the accuracy or availability of any of the prices listed on this website as variables include internal tax and transport costs and customary wholesale and retail markups in the different states. Please contact your local representative for any further information.