Juice Box
Bag-in-box wines that are portable and potable.

Don’t let your preconceived notions about wine packaging box you in, because many of today’s boxed wines are a far cry from the over-produced and under-nuanced plonk of a decade ago. With more producers paying attention to the wine they pack inside these boxes, the quality quotient has been upped, and to boot, the packaging is often environmentally friendly and crafted from recycled and recyclable cardboard, with a carbon footprint at about half that of their bottled brethren. Boxed wines won’t replace those bottles you’re stowing away for a special occasion, but they aren’t intended to be overly complex-they’re easy-going, affordable wines perfect for camping on the beach or lounging in the backyard. Here are five worth giving a shot.

Cuvee de Peña Vin de Pays 2006 This wine is produced i n the Southern France near the border of Spain. It’s a juicy blend of Syrah, Grenache and Carignan and Syrah with a fruity, spicy character. Perfect for a grilled lamb burger. $34/3 liters

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